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Since 2004 when we established Lestari Tour and Weddings, we are famous of customized any tour, activities, M.I.C.E, Pre-wedding and / or wedding of our client’s needs. Our main purpose is to make the most valuable of client’s budget. ‘Best Value for Their Money’ is our principle!

Just inform us what you willing to have and to do in Bali and of course figures of your budget, we will deliver the most worthy package to you!
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Event Organizer in Bali
Whether you want your holiday in Bali is usual or unusual, ordinary or extraordinary, please inform us what do you want to do, what your preferences area you want to stay and (again) what is your budget, for sure we will provide you the best package of holiday with ‘Best Value for your hard earned money’.

Just contact us and make your dream of your customized holiday come true!!!
What kind of wedding have you been dreaming of? Is it an intimate wedding or majestic one? We have been organizing more than 1,500 pre-wedding and wedding ceremonies in Bali! The ceremonies took places such as on beach, cliff, valley, water and garden. And the multimodal transportation are: horse carriage, camel, elephant, car, boat, and even helicopter! One of the big achievements is when we won an Award from Conrad for ‘Best Inbound Wedding 2004-2014’ from Conrad Bali.

All you need is to bring your bride / groom, families, relatives and friends and last but not least the Rings! All other necessary things we can provide it here including the dresses and gowns! We are supported by accredited famous photographers, videographers, make-up team, wedding stage designer, flower girls, umbrella boys and wedding singers.

Just inform us your pre-wedding and / or wedding date, budget and other specific requirements for this once a life time ceremony! Bride and groom just need to smile, laugh, relax and enjoy the unforgettable memories!
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   Outing & event
Event Organizer in Bali
We have been assisting and arranging events from small to huge such as Anthony Robbins Seminar (with 850 attendees)!!! . Our principle that we have been holding is the same ‘Best Value for your money’ for any kind of events such as outing, meeting, conference, etc.

So just inform us your budget, your preferences of area (beach, river, lake, rice paddy, cliff, hill, mountain, or valley) and of course the date of the event, we will give you the best package for your very valuable money!

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